About Us


Do you have sensitive skin? Do you know what your skin needs?


Your skin deserves a hug too! Here at BIYU, we know how important it is to feel confident in your own skin but how confusing and overwhelming it can be to find the right products to reach/achieve your skin goals (especially for people with sensitive skin, like me!)

We are here to help you understand your skin needs, and accompany you along your journey to healthy skin with natural and safe-effective ingredients that are not only gentle and calming but also deliver real results. #BIYUseful

A bit more about us? We are a skincare brand created by Regina Pranata and a team of people who have sensitive skin.

Meet our Founder,
Regina Pranata.

I understand that many brands out there claim they use ingredients that are natural and gentle for your skin, but is that “good” enough for your skin?

Are you confused with all the information available? Yup, don’t worry, I was too. Not anymore though! That's why I want to share with you my journey with sensitive skin to help you better understand your skin. #BIYUSEFUL

The few seconds you spend to invest in your skin matters!

When I was still in Boston for my studies, I spent almost five years just to find the “perfect” skincare for my skin, and trust me, it’s a long journey. I tried almost all products from all brands just to find the “perfect” skincare that can help my skin adapt to Boston’s extreme weather change. After years of trials, I finally understood that it’s not about finding the “perfect” product or about following skincare trends, but really it’s about what your skin needs. When I start to understand what my skin actually needs, my skin gets better and I finally become very content with myself and become more confident. So, here at BIYU, I want to help you along your journey in getting to know what your skin needs. With our team’s help, we will be here to provide guidance and information for you to understand your skin and achieve healthier skin with safe-effective products. Let’s get your journey started!

Lots of love and skin hug,


Regina’s Skincare Journey

I’m going to be real and raw here. My skin was far from perfect and it took me YEARS to get healthy skin and CONSISTENCY to maintain it.


Ini keadaan kulit aku yang lagi parah-parahnya super irritated, beruntusan, perih banget kalau pake apapun, ini dimana aku mulai journey aku coba-coba segala macam produk dari yang harganya affordable sampe yang lumayan sakit buat di kantong pelajar.


Abis coba ganti-ganti segala macem skincare, I finally stopped using too much skincare karena keadaan kulit udah membaik tapi masi irritated, di bagian pipi apalagi, so I started to just use facewash, sunscreen and moisturizer.


My skin is getting better guys! Walaupun masih ada a little bumps di jidat dan pipi tapi ini udah jauh membaik, kadang masih suka ngga pede dengan beruntusan dan milea kecil sampe kadang masih makeup-an juga sih, hehe.


Happy banget! All the bumps di pipi udah ilang, aku bener2 fokus ke skincare yang aku butuh aja, udah ga pernah pake makeup nih disini, merah2 masih serinh kalo kepanasan atau pake exfoliating skincare yang terlalu kuat.


So much better!! Loving my skin! As you guys can see there is no more little bumps ataupun beruntusan, tapi aku masih sensitif banget tipe kulitnya, masih suka merah2 dibagian pipi.


Finally after a long journey, my skin looks healthy and glowing! Trust me, its not an easy journey untuk selalu pede dengan keadaan kulitku yang kadang suka bandel dan gampang iritasi, bisa merah cepet banget, but I am very happy with my current situation, di 2019 ini kulitku membaik karena lifestyle ku juga dibenerin, aku tidur lebih teratur dan rajin makan buah dan vitamin C.


Ini keadaan kulit ku sekarang guys, its healthy tapi ga selalu glowing kok, kalo aku capek atau tidur malem, pasti selalu aja ada jerawat kecil yang muncul, apalagi kalo aku udah makan gorengan dan minum yang manis-manis terus, and trust me muka ku ga selalu dalam keadaan mulus, as you can see ada tuh one bump di hidung aku, suka muncul apalagi pas lagi PMS, so it's okay to have little bumps on your skin as long you understand your skin needs and know how to treat them gently!